Lift-Net™ Facts

fact (fakt) n. 1. something that has actually happened or is true. 2. reality; truth 3. something stated as being true.



For Lift-Net™ Users Only

Tips and Shortcuts

  • If Replay is on your System Menu it is an excellent way to track down an elusive situation. Use the speed control to replay selected time periods at your own pace.
  • Software has the option to register car or hall calls. Double click on a car’s floor number or, in the hall call area of the expanded view to register a call.
  • From within the Lift-Net Help System click on green underlined text to jump to the related subject, some Lift-Net graphics also provide jumps.
  • To display the Single Car View, click once on the Car Number Button. To return click again.
  • Use the Resize option to enlarge or reduce the size of the expanded view. Click on Save Screen Positions on the Systems Menu when finished.



Tips for Lift-Net™ Voice Master Stations

  • Press 2 for verbal identification of extension connected.
  • Press *0 to hang up at the extension connected, otherwise Auto Hang-up will initiate in 3 minutes.
  • While connected to any extension, press # for 2 seconds to receive a new dial tone. Dial the new extension to establish a conference call.
  • The handset push to talk button is provided to prevent feedback in noisy environments.