The Lift-Net™ TA 2000 Portable Traffic Analyzer!

Lift-Net ™ Raises the Bar in Portable Traffic Analysis!

Lift-Net® TA 2000® Portable Traffic Analyzer offers the following unparalleled features on both temporary and semi-permanent installations.


Exceptional Ease of Use:

  • Standard Microsoft Windows Format makes it user-friendly.
  • Easy to follow instructions save hours on installation.
  • Minimal hardware savers time on set-up.
  • TA2000® interface, cables, laptop, and related hardware all contained one wheeled case, makes it easy to handle and store when not being used.
  • On-screen help & directions walk you through the set-up, configuration and connection.




Graphic reports capture a variety of statistics and can be printed in full color.




  • Incomparable technical features.
  • Virtually unlimited data storage.
  • Remote dial-up allows access to the data from anywhere.
  • Fully programmable status inputs.
  • Ability to replay stored data in real-time simulation.
  • Print full color reports.
  • Fault status logging allows for better trouble-shooting.
  • Ability to record data for a variety of time periods.
  • Ability to export statistical data to other programs.


Extraordinary User Benefits:

  • Everything is included in the base package:
    • Wheeled Case with Handle Included
    • All Interface Cables
    • Controller Interface
    • Extension Cord and Power Strip
    • Laptop Computer
  • Minimal size and weight
  • No external hardware devices (dongles, hardware key, etc.) are required to run the software.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Reports exceed consultants' specifications.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of control systems.
  • Designed by elevator experts for elevator professionals.