Downloads & Manuals

As of the latest program update, there are no unresolved software problems or "bugs."

It's safe and easy to download the latest Lift-Net documents directly to your computer. Lift-Net Specifications are now available in a variety of formats. Just click on a file from the list below, then follow the prompts to download it to your hard drive.



Lift-Net Downloads
Lift-Net demo Self-Extracting Zipped Archive 1.5 MB
Generic Interface Specification PDF 94 KB
Engineering Data * PDF 5 KB
Lift-Net Brochure PDF 197 KB
* Complete the form and fax to our Engineering Department
Email Tech Support for additional selections.

  • Files with the "exe" extension are self-extracting executables. EXE files may be run by double-clicking on the file name from Windows Explorer, or select "RUN" from the Windows start menu.
  • Files with the "html" extension can be viewed online with your Internet Browser.
  • Files with the "zip" extension must first be unzipped with Pkunzip for Windows.
  • Files with the "pdf" extension can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be freely downloaded from



User Manuals
User Manual click to download
Administration Manual click to download
Escalator Manual click to download
CEC Addendum click to download
Fujitech Addendum click to download
GAL Addendum click to download
Kone Addendum click to download
MCE Addendum click to download
Otis click to download
TKE Addendum click to download
TA 2000 Traffic Analyzer Manual click to download
TA 2000 Traffic Analyzer Install Process click to download
Lift-Net Voice * click to download
Lift-Net VoIP Manual click to download
* Product has been discontinued
Download Instructions:

  • PDF Format: Right-Click on the link above for the manual you would like to download. Select "Save As" and save to the folder of your choice.