Crossover Cable Pinout

Crossover Cable Pinout

Ethernet Cable Pinout

Ethernet Cable Pinout

Resistor Color Code


Color Band First Band
(Digit A)
Second Band
(Digit B)
(Digit C)
(Digit D)
Black 0 0 1 20%
Brown 1 1 10 1%
Red 2 2 100 2%
Orange 3 3 1,000 3%
Yellow 4 4 10,000 4%
Green 5 5 100,000 5%
Blue 6 6 1,000,000 6%
Violet 7 7 10,000,000 7%
Gray 8 8 100,000,000 8%
White 9 9 1000,000,000 9%
Gold       5%
Silver       10%
No Color       20%


  • If color band (a) is wide the resistor is wirewound.
  • If color band (a) is wide and there is a fifth band to the right of band (d) the resistor is wirewound and flameproof.

Troubleshooting Table

Symptom Cause Solution
PC re-boots excessively Power source Check Booklet
Lift-Net program crashes Overflow error Contact tech support for program update (mainly older pre-96)
Screen updtes slow or outputs responde slow Multiple programs running Close all programs but Lift-Net. Be certain Lift-Net is not running in two or more windows.
Lift-Net main screen "FROZEN" (i.e. no action, no cars moving) Hardware/Software lockup

Verify that the elevators are running.

From the Systems menu click on "This Computer Setup" to verify the correct Comm port is selected.

Note the condition of the network status LED's on the M/R scanner LNP card, note any error messages on screen, contact Tech Support

Remove power from the M/R scanner wait until all LED's are off, then reapply power

Re-boot the monitoring computer, by turning off the power, 5 sec. Turn back on.

Contact Tech Support for instructions to access the raw data input screen.

  High Input Voltage 150 volts or more Check for correct voltage IO96 boards. (see low input voltage in advanced table)

Install de-sensitizing modules.

Some banks are not visible on the Main Screen Configuration

From the System Menu click on "Visible Banks". Put a check mark by all the banks you want to see on the Main Screen.

Check the edges of the CRT screen to be certain the window has not been "dragged" off of the screen.

Lift-Net for LAN verify correct IP address

Lift-Net for LAN verify the bank is connected (Remote Sites)

No traffic data available Configuration From the Traffic Reports Menu click on "Change Selection Criteria" make sure the date range is valid. Select the banks you wish to generate reports for.

Some menu items are not visible


– Not all Lift-Net features are available to all users. A password may be needed.

– Lift-Net will log-out after "x" minutes of inactivity. Log-in again.


Advanced Troubleshooting

Symptom Cause Solution

M/R Scanner power supply shuts off

(Compaq units W/cooling fan only)

Load Resistor Add a 5 watt 25 ohm resistor across #1 & #2 at terminal T2 on the LNP card
Cars appear to skip floors, inputs turn on and off at random etc. Network termination resistors

PC is end of line W/internal serial interface. Solder a 100-120 ohm resistor across the network data B+ and A- at the PC

PC is end of line W/external serial interface (black box – RE Smith). Check for jumper ON at pins J16, J18, and J20 inside black interface box.

M/R Scanner is end of line.  Install jumper J16.  When a jumper is not available connect a 100-120 ohm resistor across #1 & #2 terminal T3 on the LNP card.

  Improper grounding

Verify that all Lift-Net network shields are connected together and grounded in one place only

Model #D-60A power supplies(WO/cooling fan) connect a 100 ohm ½ watt resistor from ground to com on the power supply terminal strip.

  Low input voltage 48 volts or less

W/old style IO96 input cards verify that pin jumpers(located just above the input terminal blocks) are installed at all input terminals in use.

W/new style IO96 input cards (no pin jumpers) read the value of the input resistors (located just above the input terminal blocks).

Low Voltage IO96 boards have 220k resistors (red, red, yel).

High Voltage IO96 boards have 470k resistors (yel, viol, yel).

  Noise suppression

Contact tech support for R-C network placement.

  LNP power supply Check 5 VDC output at the power supply terminals +5V and Com. Adjust for 5.1 VDC with the +5V rheostat.
  Elevaor controller rectifier defective Controllers that use rectified AC to power the relays, can cause erratic Lift-Net operation when the rectifier begins to break down. Locate and replace the defective rectifier.

Controls (relay outputs) don't respond

Connection Relay output plug for relays A-1 to A-8 should be plugged into the first plug on the left of the LNP card. Relays B-1 to B-8 go into the next plug, etc. NOTE: red stripe on the ribbon cable should face UP.
Refer to network termination resistors
  Wiring or configuration Activate the output be clicking on the proper control. Check which relay output LED lights up. Contact Tech Support for output address values.
All car or hall calls display simultaneously seemingly at randomn. Common or ground connection Be certain the common (pin 9) is connected on each car or hall call input plug. Check for proper grounding at the M/R scanner.
One or more inputs are not responding – Low voltage
– High voltage
– Bad IO96 card
– Address jumpers
Refer to Low Voltage correction.
Refer to High Voltage correction.
– Replace bad IO96 input card
– Check for correct placement of address jumpers on the IO and LNP boards. (see graphic) When multiple LNP cards are on the Lift-Net network each LNP must have a different binary address
Refesh All returns zero Bytes Received Hardware or wiring from LNP to Monitoring Computer Check connection from Monitoring Computer to Lift-Net Network.Check data wiring at LN-485 Interface. Wire at LN-485 (+) term connects to LNP T3 pin 1(+). LN-485 (-) term connects to LNP T3 pin 2(-). LN-485 (C) term connects to LNP T2 pin 3 (ground). Check LN-485 power supply is plugged into live outlet.
  Configuration Check that a valid Logical Port is selected. For Lift-Net networks set baud rate to 19200. Set parity EVEN. Set DTR and RTS checked.
No Comm on 1 or more banks Hardware or wiring See Refresh All above
  Address jumpers Check for correct placement of address jumpers on the IO and LNP cards. (see graphic). When multiple LNP cards are on the Lift-Net network, each LNP must have a different address.
  Bad LNP card Replace LNP card. Verify correct address jumper configuration.

Tech Support Guides

Description PDF Format
Lift-Net Processor Card Graphic click to download
Lift-Net io96 Card Graphic click to download
Lift-Net Combo Card Graphic (io48/LNP) click to download
Instructions to configure Lift-Net computers for Auto-Recovery after a power failure. click to download
Instructions to program for a non-standard position indicator. click to download
Instructions to program the Lift-Net logical port. click to download
Capture a Comdata File. click to download
Network Transfer of Application and Configuration File Updates. click to download
Deleting Lift-Net Data Files. click to download
Use Re-install on a new PC. click to download
Install Lift-Net to a New PC. click to download
Liftnet Alert Program. click to download
Instructions to change LNP EPROMS from EVEN parity to no parity (NONE). click to download
Cars out of Service Report click to download
CAT5 Cable Terminations Used With EV-200 Ethernet Extenders click to download
Essex Keypads click to download
Emergency Recall/KCE Controls click to download
Banner Feature in Lift-Net for Lobby Use click to download
Program the LN_Link(x) serial server click to download
Recommended Wire for Lift-Net Networks click to download

Download Instructions:

  • PDF Format: Right-Click on the link above for the manual you would like to download. Select "Save As" and save to the folder of your choice.



Downloads & Manuals

As of the latest program update, there are no unresolved software problems or "bugs."

It's safe and easy to download the latest Lift-Net documents directly to your computer. Lift-Net Specifications are now available in a variety of formats. Just click on a file from the list below, then follow the prompts to download it to your hard drive.



Lift-Net Downloads
Lift-Net demo Self-Extracting Zipped Archive 1.5 MB
Generic Interface Specification PDF 94 KB
Engineering Data * PDF 5 KB
* Complete the form and fax to our Engineering Department
Email Tech Support for additional selections.

  • Files with the "exe" extension are self-extracting executables. EXE files may be run by double-clicking on the file name from Windows Explorer, or select "RUN" from the Windows start menu.
  • Files with the "html" extension can be viewed online with your Internet Browser.
  • Files with the "zip" extension must first be unzipped with Pkunzip for Windows.
  • Files with the "pdf" extension can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be freely downloaded from



User Manuals
User Manual click to download
Administration Manual click to download
Escalator Manual click to download
CEC Addendum click to download
Fujitech Addendum click to download
GAL Addendum click to download
Kone Addendum click to download
MCE Addendum click to download
Otis click to download
TKE Addendum click to download
TA 2000 Traffic Analyzer Manual click to download
TA 2000 Traffic Analyzer Install Process click to download
Lift-Net Voice * click to download
Lift-Net VoIP Manual click to download
* Product has been discontinued
Download Instructions:

  • PDF Format: Right-Click on the link above for the manual you would like to download. Select "Save As" and save to the folder of your choice.

Typical 1cp Machine Room Scanner Layout


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Lift-Net Processor Card (LNP)

Relay Output Card

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