We are the industry leaders in monitoring systems and voice communications. Our systems work on new, old, any type and brand of elevator equipment.

The Integrated Display Systems Lift-Net® for Windows® can graphically display elevator/escalator system status at the security desk, engineering office, manager's office, or elevator machine rooms, simultaneously, on standard twisted pair or LAN/WAN. Internet access is also available.

  • Secure floors, control Car to Lobby, or special traffic programs via mouse click or 24/7/365 programmable timer.
  • Create custom traffic patterns by securing specific cars and floors.
  • Log traffic, fault, and car use statistics to schedule maintenance, or head off minor problems before they become a major headache.
  • Replace lobby key switches and antiquated light bulb panels with an LCD and a mouse. Optional touch screens available.
  • Trigger audio and video alerts in response to elevator shutdowns, or crisis situations. Email and text page are also available.
  • Lift-Net® VOIP, a stand alone intercom or integrated with Lift-Net® Monitoring. Self diagnostic. Operates over an existing LAN.


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